You want a website and you want it now! Go Mylo understands your excitement in developing a site. I share that enthusiasm with you. After an initial consultation and contract signing, your site could be completed in as little as ONE week.

How is that possible?
Go Mylo utilizes high-quality, professional web templates to aid in quick turnaround times. Templates are websites that have been laid out with graphics and navigation. This greatly decreases the amount of time spent on layouts, javascripts, coding, and graphic design. They are fully customized to meet your needs and receive the personal attention that you would expect.

Won't it be the same as other sites?
There are millions of websites on the internet today. You have a better chance of being struck by lightning 100 times than to see the same template utilized on another website. If you did see it, I would suggest staying indoors during thunderstorms! Besides, your template is also customized so that your site won't look exactly like the original template.

Can you design a unique site?
Go Mylo is fully capable of designing your site from the ground up and is open to that possibility, but I prefer using templates to save you time and money.

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